Committees ...
  • Legal Committee

    Creates the organization for the tax-exempt foundation.

  • Public Relations Committee

    Answers questions with media, speaking before schools and respective groups for the purpose of public involvement, help in brochure design.

  • Architectural Committee

    Designs of memorial, ways to use it as a teaching tool, artifacts, visual aid filmstrips, moderators, and ways to convey names of potential veterans for an interactive database. Should interface with Education Committee whose chairperson is Mrs. Mary Lynn Johnson.

  • Qualifying Committee

    To determine what qualifications are required to have one's name placed on the memorial to include acquisition of names to be included.

  • Finance Committee

    To raise and invest funds (construction and perpetual care).

  • Construction Committee

    To get it built, construction/bidding process.

  • Steering Committee

    To coordinate other subcommittee efforts.

  • Education Committee

    Design education programs for students centered around the history of defending our nation and the valor of our service men and women.

  • Other Committees

    Those which haven't been thought of but deserves additional coordination.